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Senior Data Engineer

Position Summary 

HackerOne is hiring a Senior Data Engineer to help us discover, collect, and build data solutions by architecting, modeling, and scaling our data pipelines. You will also play an important role in creating machine learning models and invest in our data science efforts - so relevant data science experience is required. You'll be part of a growing, globally distributed data engineering team responsible for building the foundation on which HackerOne runs. You will play a key role in designing and building high performance, scalable solutions for large volumes of data. 

As Senior Data Engineer, you will work with a variety of stakeholders such as Product Managers, Data Analysts, and Data Infrastructure engineers to deliver challenging projects. You will combine broad technological expertise, deep domain knowledge, and an unquestionable dedication to business objectives to help us use data to make the internet a safer place. Combining your data engineering and data science experience, you will help solve problems holistically through analysis, modeling and experimentation.

Mission of the Data Engineering Team at HackerOne

Researchers, customers and triagers use the HackerOne platform to build a safer internet for the world. Our mission is to surface the plethora of data that HackerOne maintains to our customers and hackers, in order to help them be more successful in their security programs.

Your Journey at HackerOne

  • Your first day will start with a warm welcome and technical onboarding!
  • Your first 30 days will be focusing on getting to know our HackerOnies. You will join your new squad and begin onboarding - get to learn the technology stack (Python, Airflow, Snowflake, DBT, Meltano, Looker, AWS). In parallel, you will be onboarding onto our Data Science efforts - learning about our existing ML models and understanding the data available to you so you can start thinking about and contributing to future AI/ML efforts
  • Within 60 days, you will have committed a bunch of code to our repositories and will start maintaining HackerOne data pipelines and data architecture
  • Within 90 days, you will start influencing the work the data engineering team takes on and will have branched out and talked to Product, Sales, Operations, and various other functions, and developed a good sense of cross-functional collaboration and communication
  • Your journey doesn't stop here: your Engineering Manager will work with you on your growth path towards the future of your career so you become the best version of yourself!

Who You Are

  • 3+ years experience developing data frameworks (preferably using Python)
  • 3+ years of using SQL for data manipulation in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Knowledge of statistical and machine learning techniques (supervised/unsupervised learning, decision tree, neural networks, etc), NLP (text classification, sentiment analysis)
  • Experience working with various data technologies and tools such as Airflow, Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Looker, AWS stack
  • Experience building and optimizing 'big data' data pipelines, architectures and data sets
  • Experience in data warehousing development and fundamentals
  • Passion for business-oriented data development
  • Strong programming skills, knowledge of algorithms, and data structures

Potential Skills

  • Knowledge of AWS Sagemaker and Scikit-learn
  • Prior experience as a Data Scientist in a fast growing environment.

HackerOne Values

HackerOne commits to maintaining the strong, inclusive culture we’ve built for our employees and our community of hackers. All that we do is driven by our 5 core values. We recognize that our mission is bigger than us, and therefore lead with integrity at all times. As a team, we believe that transparency builds trust so we default to disclosure in our communications. We win as a team and execute with excellence because together we hit harder. And most importantly, we respect everyone for who they are. For more information about our values, check this out .  

What We Do

HackerOne was started by hackers and security leaders who are driven by a passion to make the internet safer, and is now the #1hacker-powered security platform . Powered by the largest community of hackers on the planet, HackerOne has helped over 2,000 customer programs find and fix vulnerabilities before they could be exploited. HackerOne is a digital-first company with a globally distributed team and a number of offices across North America and Europe.

As a team, we believe in integrity, transparency, trust, collaboration and community. We believe in the positive power of hackers and work tirelessly to promote the success of our community to the broader, mainstream audience.





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