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Senior Data Engineer

Position: Senior Data Engineer


Build out all aspects relating to the Demandbase Data ecosystem and move products from R&D into production scale. Design and develop components in the next generation of Demandbase’s Data Products, inclusive of Demandbase Intent and the core Data Warehouse. Design and build data pipelines with thorough understanding of source data and mechanism to fetch the data using most optimized mode. Build Dags in airflow for orchestration and monitoring of data pipelines. Build flask app engines for exposing APIs to consumer apps. Dockerize apps for deployments to Kubernetes clusters. Apply experience with cloud computing for data pipelines (AWS and/or GCP). Perform software design and development with Scala and Java. Write clear documentation to convey plans and technical architecture. Ensure all new and modified code and pipelines are tested and of the highest quality at delivery time. Build new services and integrations to connect machine learning intelligence with the Demandbase SaaS platform. Establish high reliability of all maintained product offerings by building reporting and monitoring mechanisms into our infrastructure.

Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related 5 years of progressive experience in the job offered or related occupations

Special Requirements: Must have at least 2 years of prior work experience in each of the following:

  1. Leading teams of engineers to deliver data engineering products within planned timelines and SLAs, using Agile methodologies.
  2. Understanding business requirements and translating them to development stories.
  3. Designing frameworks and writing efficient data pipelines, including batches and realtime streams.
  4. Delivering developer-facing products, including APIs and Database objects.
  5. Delivering business-facing dashboards featuring real-time metrics.
  6. Demonstrated experience with efficient SQL on RDBMS
  7. Developing complex queries on BigQuery, writing Dataflow jobs, pipeline orchestration in DAGs on Google composer, building APIs on No-SQL datastore Elasticsearch
  8. Work on data replication tools like Kafka and Pubsub




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Data Engineering


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